Forensic PCB-Workstation for JTAG/EMMC/FBUS is a precision tool for non-invasive ISP (ie, In System Programming) Reading and writing via EMMC, JTAG which replaces the need for soldering or desoldering anything in motherboard. Forensic PCB-Workstation enables forensic examiners to acquire data from Mobile Devices, GPS Devices and other electronics units. Optimization is based on a fully individually configurable VR-ARMS ended precision probes and additional reference voltages for all types of memory. Forensic PCB-Workstation can be also freely used in the car diagnostics (car radios, controllers) as well as in FBUS communication mode – completely replacing the RJ45/RJ48 cables.

  • Dedicated for:
  • forensic examiners and forensic laboratories
  • investigators and court experts
  • Electronic services: phones, tablets, car radios, GPS and other electronic devices
  • car diagnostics
  • diagnostics equipment: replacing cables communication FBUSUniversal Tool for all devices, ie:• EMMC Pro Tool
    • GPG EMMC
    • ORT JTAG Pro with EMMC Tool
    • Z3X Easy Jtag
    • Riff Box
    • Medusa Pro Box
    • Medusa Box
    • ATF i innne
    • Martech Clip / Martech BOX III

    Information about configurations:

    • EMMC: 7 VRArms version needed
    • JTAG: 10 VRArms version needed
    • FBUS/TTL: 10 VRArms version needed